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1935 OPL Télémètre (Rangefinder)

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Phil Barton
focaïste connaisseur
focaïste connaisseur

Inscrit le: 22 Déc 2019
Messages: 13
Localisation: angleterre

MessagePosté le: 01 Mar 2020 0:03    Sujet du message: 1935 OPL Télémètre (Rangefinder) Répondre en citant

Just found this 5 meter Rangefinder on eBay!

Can just see "OPL" between and above the two eyepieces.

I assume this was sold to Finland as the text in the last photo appears to be in Finish.
There are a few more photo's here...

The tripod stand appears to be made by a different company...
Societe d’Optique et Mechanique de Haute Precision SOM, Paris.
Phil Barton

Dernière édition par Phil Barton le 02 Mar 2020 15:35; édité 1 fois
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Roland Weber
auteur du site OPL-FOCA
auteur du site OPL-FOCA

Inscrit le: 23 Nov 2003
Messages: 924
Localisation: Ain

MessagePosté le: 02 Mar 2020 9:34    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant

Hello Phil Barton,

Superb rangefinder that I did not know! We thank you for pointing that out.
Indeed, during the war, the OPL company had been requisitioned by the Germans, which explains the inscriptions in German. Impossible to buy it because Europe is excluded from the sale.
In any case, the price is far too dissuasive!
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Phil Barton
focaïste connaisseur
focaïste connaisseur

Inscrit le: 22 Déc 2019
Messages: 13
Localisation: angleterre

MessagePosté le: 02 Mar 2020 11:24    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant

After World War I, Germany was totally disarmed. When Hitler became Reich's Chancellor in 1933, he began an era of re-armament. This had to be done in secrecy, and to conceal what was going on in the German arms and allied industries, manufacturers were assigned code letters or numbers. This ordnance coding began in 1938, continued to the last days of the Third Reich.
Early during WWII, Allied intelligence sources discovered the code, and despite concerted efforts, were unable to break the code. Even after the war when tons of documents were unearthed, the entire list of codes was not found, and thus some of the codes are still unknown.
Manufacturers and sub-contractors were assigned codes, and this coding included not only arms, ammunition, but also binoculars and even saddlebags. In short, anything that the quartermaster of any of the military services required, was coded. There were a few exceptions, but arms collectors are not concerned too much with those exceptions since most of them were marked with the name of the maker.
The system of assigning codes was begun in an orderly fashion, but because of the huge demand for military goods and the constantly increasing number of suppliers and sub-contractors, the orderly system of assigning codes was abandoned and henceforth codes were assigned in a haphazard manner. Some of the codes are well-known to collectors - the Mauser byf, the ac assigned to Walther, the RWS code dnf are readily recognized.
Despite efforts both in Germany and in the United States, by researchers and collectors, the list has never been completed. Some of the manufacturers with unidentified codes were originally producing non-military items, and later produced parts, or did some sub-assembly work, or perhaps branched out into making items needed for the growing military might of Germany. Many of these companies were demolished during the war, others ceased to function, still others are in Communist-occupied areas. It seems reasonable to assume also that some of these concerns would just as soon forget their participation - voluntary or involuntary - in this German debacle.
The beginning collector should not be surprised when he discovers two or even more codes on a gun. Sub-contractors marked the part or parts they made, and each part had to be marked with the maker's code. At first these ordnance codes were numbers but in 1941, the number code was changed to a letter code.

bbw Electroacustik KG, Kiel
bck Bruninghaus & Co, Leder u. Metallwarenfabrik, Versmold
bef Clemens Riefler, Fabrik Mathematischer Instrumente, Nasselwang/Bayern
beh Ernst Leitz GmbH, Wetzlar, Germany
bek Hensoldt Werk fur Optic und Mechanik, Herborn, Germany
bgu Theodor Wuppermann GmbH, Walzwerk und Fassonschmiede, Koln
blc Carl Zeiss Militarabteilung, Jena, Germany
bmh K Jirasek Fabrik fur Feinmechanic und Optic, Prague, Czech
bmj Hensoldt & Sohne Optische Werke A-G, Wetzlar, Germany
bmk Srb & Stys Fabrik Praziser Messinstrumente, Prague, Czech
bmt C A Steinheil & Sohne GmbH, Optische Werke, Munich, Germany
bpd C P Goerz GmbH Optische Anstalt, Vienna, Austria
bvf C Reichert Optische Werke,Vienna, Austria
bvu Franz Kuhlmann,Wilhelmshaven, Germany
bwt G Heyde K-G, Dresden, Germany
bxc Kreiselgerate GmbH, Berlin
bxx Askania Werke AG, Berlin
byg Joh Wyksen K-G Optische Fabrik und Feinmachin, Katowitz, Poland
bzz J G Farbenindustrie A-G Camerawerk, Munich, Germany ( Agfa )
cad Karl Kahles Optiker, Vienna, Austria
cag Swarovski,Tyrol, Austria
cau Kodak Aktiengesellschaft,Stuttgart, Germany
ccx Hugo Meyer & Co Optische und Feinmechanische Werke, Gorlitz, Germany
cdc Kern, Klager & Cie, Berlin ( binocular Cases )
clb Dr F A Wohler, Kassel, Germany
clk F W Breithaupt & Sohne Fabrik Geogatisher Instrumente, Kassel,Germany
cll August Baumgart Feinmechanik & Prazisionmashinenbau, Rathenow
clm Biedermann & Czarnikow, Berlin
cln E Sprenger Optische-Mechanische Werkstatten, Berlin
cmc Gegr Wichmann, Berlin
cmd ditto
cme ditto
cny C Pose, Berlin ( ? binocular cases )
crg W Lambrecht, Instrumente, Gottingen, Germany
crh F Schmidt & Haensch, Steglitz, Berlin
crj Otto Fennel Sohne K-G, Instrumente, Kassel, Germany
crn Friedrichs & Co, Hamburg ( see also ctn )
cro R Fuess, Optische Industrie, Berlin
ctn Freidricks & Co, Hanseatische Werkstatten fur Feinmechanik und Optik, Hamburg ( see also crn )
cwu Georg von Kremp, Wetzlar, Germany
cxc Dr Paul Mozar, Fabrik fur Feinmechanik, Dusseldorf, Germany
cxn Emil Busch A-G, Optische Industrie, Rathenow
czn ditto
dag Oculus, Berlin
ddv ditto
ddx Voigtlander & Sohne A-G, Braunschweig, Germany
dho Nordmark GmbH, Prerau,Czech
dhq J D Moller GmbH, Wedel
dhv Berliner Physikalische Werkstatten GmbH, Berlin
djg J Veltjens K-G, Berlin
dkl Jos Schneider & Co, Kreuznach, Germany
doq Deutsche Spielgelglas A-G, Leine, Germany
dow Opticotechna GmbH, Prerau or Optitechna, Brerau, Czech
dpg Adox Kamerawerk GmbH, Wiesbaden, Germany
dpv Zeiss Ikon A-G, Dresden, Germany
dpw Zeiss Ikon A-G, Goerzwerk Kehlendorf Berlin
dpx Zeiss Ikon A-G, Contessawerk, Stuggart, Germany
dqc Eugen Ising, Metallwarenfabrik
dxt Kadlec-Instrumente-Fabrik, Prague, Czech
dym Runge & Kaulfuss, Rathenow ( poss also / or dyn )
dys Heinrich Zeiss, Berlin
dzl Oigee GmbH optische Anstalt, Berlin
eaf Aude & Reipert Optische Industrie, Babelsberg, Germany
eaw R Winkel GmbH Optische industrie, Gottingen, Germany
ejo Presswerk AG, Essen
eed Kurbi & Niggeloh, Radevormwa, Germany
ehe Rommler AG, Spremberg
emq Karl Zeiss, Jena, Germany
emv Hertel & Reuss, Kassel, Germany
eoc A Ott, Instrumente, Kempten
eos W Feiler Feinmechanik GmbH, Berlin
eot Fichter & Hackenjos K-G, Fabrik fur Feinmechanik, Villingen
erv Fritz Hofmann, Erlangen
eso Rodenstock Optische Werke, Munich, Germany
esu Steinheil Sohne GmbH, Astronom Industrie, Munich, Germany
eug Optische Prazisions-Werke GmbH, Warsaw, Poland
fco Sendlinger Optische Glaswerke GmbH, Zehlendorf, Berlin
fjt Photogrammetrie GmbH, Berlin
fll Feinapparate-Bau, Werk Gablonz
flm ditto Werk Thurn
fln Franz Rapsch Optische Fabriken A-G, Rathenow
fpr Fr Moller, Brackwede, Westphalia
frn Federn-, Draht- und Metallwarenfabrik, Havel
fvs Spindler & Hoyer, Gottingen, Germany
fvx Chr Beck & Sohne, Kassel, ( Beck-Kassel ) Germany
fwq Saalfelder Apparatebau GmbH, Saalfeld
fwr Optische Anstalt Saalfeld GmbH, Saalfeld, Germany
fxp Hans Kollmorgen GmbH, Kassel, Germany ( poss also / or fzp )
fzg Feinmechanik GmbH, Kassel, Germany
gag F Mollenkopf Optische Industrieanstalt, Stuggart, germany
gcg H Maihak A-G Fabrik fur Techn. Instrumente und Feinmechanik gerate, Hamburg.
ghd Carl Kneusel, Zeulenroda/ Thur
gkp Rufs & Co, Kassel, Germany ( poss also/or ghp )
gmk Kroymann & Co GmbH, Schuh und Sportartikel Fabrik, Hamburg. Bino Cases
gpa Groos & Graf, Feinmechanik und Prazisionmaschinenbau, Berlin
gpr Berchtold, Gebr, Instrumente, Tuttlingen
gug Ungarische Optische Werke A-G, Budapest, Hungary
guj Werner D Kuehn Optische Industrie, Steglitz, Berlin
gwr Dennert & Pape, Hamburg
gwv Ernst Plank Fabrik Optische und Mechanischer, Waren, Nurenberg, Germany
gxh Nitsche & Gunther Optische Werke K-G, Rathenow
gxl Franke & Heidecke, Braunschweig, Germany
gxp Homrich & Sohne, ?
hap Max Kohl A-G, Chemnitz
hdv Optische Werke Osterode GmbH, Osterode, Harz, Germany
hfo Valentin Linhof OHG, Munich, Germany
hgu Friedenauer Technische Wekstatte, Berlin
hkm Carl Braun K-G Optische Industrie, Nuremberg, Germany
hna Korelle Werke Brandtmann & Co, dresden, Germany
hrw Hoh & Hahne, Leipzig, Germany
hwt Ihagee Kamerawerk Steenbergen & co, Dresden, Germany
hxh A Kruss Optisch-Mechan, Hamburg
jfn Tetanal Photowerk, Berlin
jfp Dr Karl Leiss Optische und Mechanische Instrumente, Steglitz, Berlin
jfu Wilhelm Lehmann & Co K-G, Feinmechanische Werkstatte, Hamburg
jfv ditto Magdeburg
jkk L Castagna & Sohn Feinmechanische Werkstatten, Vienna, Austria
jnh Hensoldt & Sohne but one list shows this code used by F Tutemann of Ludenscheid
jon Voigtlander-Gavaert, Berlin
jux Nedinson, Nederlandsche Instrumenten, Venlo, Netherlands
jve Ernst Ludvig Optisches Werk, Weixdorf, Germany
jxn Helmut Korth, feinmechanik und Optik, Berlin
kgc Nahmashinenfabrik A-G, Sobeslav, Bohemia
khc Otto Himmler, Mikroscope, Berlin
kjj Askania Werke AG, Berlin
kln Ernst & Willhelm Bertram, Munich, Germany
kme Max Lang, Lauter
kna Berning & Co K-G, Photographische Apparate und Bedarfsartikel, Dusseldorf
kov Bernard et Turenne, Establissement Barbier, Paris
kqc Jos Schneider & Co Optische Werke K-G, Gottingen, Germany
krm C Pose, Berlin ( bino cases only ? )
krq Emil Busch A-G Optische Werke, Budapest, Hungary
kry F A Sening, Maschinenfabrik, Hamburg
kwc Gamma, Feinmechan und Optische Werke, Budapest, Hungary ( poss kwe )
kxv A Jackenroll Optische Anstalt GmbH, Berlin
lae Heinrich Zeiss, Gostingen
lfn C Richter Kamarafabrik, Tharandt, Germany ( Reflekta )
lmg Carl Zeiss Jena and/or lmq
lux Schlieper & Baum AG, Wappertal
lwg Optische Werke Osterode GmbH, Freiheit bei Osterode, Harz, Germany
lww Huet & Cie, Paris, France
lwx O.P.L. ( Optique et Precision de Levallois ), Lavallois, Paris, France ✔✔
lwy Societe d’Optique et Mechanique de Haute Precision SOM, Paris
mav H Mailak A-G Fabrik fur Techn. Messinstrumente und Feinmechanik, Hamburg
mbv I-G Farbenindustrie A-G, Berlin ( Agfa)
mca Dr C Schleussner Fotowerke GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
mgf August Fischer Werkstatten fur Feinmechanik, Gottingen, Germany
mjc Feinmechanische Werkstaetten Warsitz, Amsterdam, Netherlands
mir Ducati, Bologna, Italy
mny Gerhard Hofmann Werkstatte fur Feinmechanik, Berlin
mnz Erich Holz Feinmechanische Werkstatte, Berlin
mtq Roland Risse GmbH Photochemische Fabrik, Florsheim, Germany
mtr Voigtlander & Sohn A-G, Berlin
mtv A Lorenz Feinmechanik-Optik, Dresden
mtw ditto
nac Feinmechanische Zentrale Overbeck, Herborn
ndv Feinmechanische Werke Neumuhlen GmbH, Kiel
nek O Perlitz Prazisionmechanik und Apparatebau, Berlin
nmh De Pleskot & Co, Messinstrumente, Prague, Czech
nms Richard Holz, Optischmechan. Berlin
npx Ludwig Rossler Feinmechanische Werkstatte, Munich, Germany
nuj Schaper & Uebel Feinmechanik, Dresden, germany
nxt S.A.I. Ottico Mechanica e Rilevamenti Aerofotogrammetrici, Rome
ocp Aktophot GmbH, Sabechtlitz, Prague, Czech
ocv W Klazer Feinmechanik und Fotobedarf, Prague, Czech
okc Hauff A-G, Stuggart, Germany
phq Moller, Wedel
ppx Askania, Berlin
pvf C Reichert, Optische Werk, Vienna, Austria
pwf ditto
qhg Moller, Wedel
rln Carl Zeiss Jena, Germany. after Nov 1944
rtm Steinheil, Munchen ?
Phil Barton
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Gilles Delahaye
focaïste expert
focaïste expert

Inscrit le: 27 Nov 2003
Messages: 580
Localisation: St Malo

MessagePosté le: 02 Mar 2020 18:59    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant

Superbe télémètre mais ilfaut avoir de la place! Le 2m est déjà un objet difficile à stocker.....
Gilles Delahaye
Membre du Club Niepce Lumière

L'appareil Photographique de Haute Précision:
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